BakerTreat yourself Fresh cookies, cupcakes from Original Crumbs

Are you looking for something sweet to indulge your taste buds in? Then, Original Crumbs offers you an incredible selection of fresh and delicious cookies and cupcakes.

Since 2003, Original Crumbs has been delighting customers of the select stores in New York City that stock their delicious treats. With more than 75 flavors, you can find cookie-jars and cupcakes of various sizes, including party-packs, minis, and classics. Plus, you can take advantage of their same-day shipping for customers in the New York City area, and even have them sent across all 50 states in the US!

If you’re in the Stamford, Connecticut area, Original Crumbs is the perfect choice for your sweet tooth! And what makes Original Crumbs even better – none of the flavors contain nuts, trans fats, or anything else that could compromise your health. The line of Crumbs products sold in supermarkets are also certified by the OU, making it the go-to choice for those looking from a sweet snack without the guilt!

When you get an Original Crumbs cookie jar, you can guarantee it’s fresh. Each flavor comes with 21 days of freshness, as every cookie or cupcake is made with fresh ingredients. You’ll find basic flavors such as oatmeal raisin and chocolate candy, but you can go wild and treat yourself to psychedelic sugar or cotton candy. As for cupcake flavors, you can find classics such as chocolate birthday cake, red velvet, and vanilla-coconut, plus more creative flavor choices such as devil’s food and strawberry crumb.

But what makes Original Crumbs’ treats even more special is the love and care that goes into crafting every one. All of their jumbo cupcakes are made from scratch, so you get more cake, more frosting, and of course more flavor. The homemade recipe is sweet and moist, so you’ll feel it came straight out of your mom’s oven!

Original Crumbs is an ideal choice for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, you can always count on a cookie jar or cupcake from Original Crumbs to light up your special day. With their selection of flavors and dedicated attention to quality, every bite is sure to be delicious!

So what are you waiting for? Look no further than the Stamford area for Original Crumbs – the go-to choice for the best cookies and cupcakes around!




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