Big and Moist: Redefining Cupcakes with Crumbs of Manhasset

When most people think of cupcakes, they usually think of a relatively small, single serving size treat. But at Crumbs in Manhasset, they're redefining the cupcake one jumbo at a time.

Since 2003, Original Crumbs has been producing fresh and delicious gourmet cookies and cupcakes, and now, they’re being sold online (in all 50 states of the USA) and in major supermarkets such as ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes, D'Agostino, Westside Market NYC and Foodtown. From the classic Chocolate Birthday Cake to unique flavors like Chocolate Raspberry and even Cotton Candy, Original Crumbs offers over 75 flavors of both cookies and cupcakes to satisfy any craving.

At Original Crumbs, all of their treats are nut-free and baked with only the freshest ingredients. With no trans fats and an extensive selection of kosher-certified items, their cupcakes, cookies, and cookie jars offer something for everyone. And best of all, their classic jumbo cupcakes are shipped the same day you order so you’ll get them fresh and flavorful with just a short wait!

If you’re a fan of classic flavors, try the Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Candy, or Psychedelic Sugar cookie jars to satisfy those afternoon cravings. Looking to make your next celebration a hit? With options like Strawberry Crumb, Red Velvet, and Cotton Candy cupcakes, you’re sure to make an impression. Plus, all of their jumbo cupcakes are made from scratch, so you get more cake, more frosting, and more flavor in every bite.

Despite having no physical locations outside of New York City, Original Crumbs is committed to making their gourmet products available to anyone with access to a travel a mile radius of one of their 6 locations. With all its available options, Original Crumbs has become a premier destination for handmade delights. Plus, their cookie jars stay fresh for 21 days, so you don’t have to worry about rushing through your treats too quickly.

And of course, what makes Original Crumbs stand out is that all of their products are made with the same level of care and attention one might expect from mom’s kitchen. With soft, moist cupcakes and crunchy, chunky cookies, Original Crumbs has found a way to make a mouthwatering yet classic treat more special.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your next event or gathering deliciously memorable, look no further than Original Crumbs. With tasty, oversized cupcakes and generous cookie jars, you’ll please all your guests (and add a bit of sweetness to your day).




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