Bring Sweet Delight to Your Manhasset Home with House of Cupcakes

After a long day of work and errands, does anyone mass that little something special to remind them of the happiest moments of their day? What better way to put a smile on your face than with a sweet treat from House of Cupcakes? House of Cupcakes, an on-line bakery based in New York City, brings the tantalizing taste of homemade treats to your fingertips, enabling consumers in Manhasset and throughout the United States to indulge in an array of delicious cupcakes and cookies, available at the click of a button.

The rise of online consumerism and the desire to satisfy an ever-changing sweet tooth have led to House of Cupcake’s phenomenal success since their launch in 2003. Online customers across all fifty states can have sweet treats from House of Cupcakes delivered right to their front door, and customers within a one-hundred-mile radius of New York City can enjoy same-day shipping.

But it doesn’t just stop there! Thanks to House of Cupcakes’ presence in major supermarket chains nationwide such as Fairway, Gristedes, Kings, D'Agostino, Westside Market NYC, ShopRite, and Foodtown, customers on the go are unable to take a delectable treat home to last the week.

House of Cupcakes offers over seventy-five potent flavors for customers to choose from. If you’ve ever had the desire to indulge in a Chocolate Candy, Oatmeal Raisin, Cotton Candy, or Red Velvet cookie-jar, House of Cupcakes can make it happen. An extensive selection of classic and mini cupcakes are also available, each one crafted with love and bursting with flavor! Enjoy the tantalizing taste of Birthday Cake, Chocolate Raspberry, Devil’s Food, Vanilla Coconut, Strawberry Crumb, and many more.

No matter which treat you get your hands on, you can be sure it was made with the utmost dedication. All cupcakes are made with only the finest ingredients and crafted fresh from scratch, making sure each one is packed with flavor. With so many options and a perfect combination of flavor and moistness, it’s almost like grabbing a sweet treat straight from your mom’s oven. Plus, all House of Cupcakes products are certified nut-free and trans-fat free, with an extensive kosher selection.

Treat yourself to a special sweet surprise after a long day, or gift an amazing variety tray for your next gathering. It doesn’t matter the occasion, House of Cupcakes will bring a world of flavor to later.


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