Cookie Jars, Cupcakes, Famous in Greenwich, CT

Since 2003, Original Crumbs has been making its mark in finding its iconic pleasure in each of its cookie jar and cupcake flavors. Giving a unique flair for its decadent treats, Crumbs Bakeshop has been a sensation across the United States, and can be found in major supermarket chains like ShopRite and Foodtown. It has been adored across New York City, and now is expanding its horizon to Greenwich, CT with its freshness and indulgent essence.

While all our flavors are nut-free, celebrate that all our CRUMBS products are certified by the OU as well, so that you can bring any family event to the highest standard with Original Crumbs. And make sure to remember that there is same day shipping available for customers in a radius of one-hundred miles of New York City.

Our cookie jar flavors include the delectable crunch of Oatmeal Raisin, the explosion of Chocolate Candy, Psychedelic Sugar’s funky experience, and the almost children-like sweetness of Sprinkle Sundae. Our other jar-flavors, Chocolate Cherry, Red Velvet, and Cotton Candy are some of the best in the region, and just a taste of what Original Crumbs has in store.

Best of all, our jumbo cupcakes are made with all the finest ingredients and the utmost care, guaranteeing more cake, more frosting, and more flavor than with most other cupcake-makers. Come try our classic and mini cupcakes as well, and pick from the wide range of our flavors such as Birthday Cake, Chocolate Birthday Cake and Chocolate Raspberry, or get into the sugar-rush with Cookies and Cream and Cotton Candy. Do not forget about Devil’s Food, Red Velvet, Strawberry Crumb and Vanilla Coconut. With a homemade recipe that is moist and sweet, it will taste as though it has come straight from your own kitchen.

Original Crumbs has been around for over a decade, and its popularity has remained among foodies and locals for several years. With over seventy-five flavors, you’ll be sure to find something that can please any taste. Our products and mixtures are of premium quality, and are guaranteed freshness for twenty-one days, and all produced with trans-fat and nut-free recipes.

We understand that it is impossible to get to our physical establishments outside of New York City, so why not pop by at Supermarkets closer to you that carry our products? Treats in a jar, or a box of cupcakes awaits you at the nearest store.

Original Crumbs is a product made for any occasion or casual munching. Let your family and friends enjoy their special day with treats from one of the premier bakers in town. At Original Crumbs, our pastries bring sure smiles and everyone going home with a happy memory.


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