Cookie Jars of New York - the Sweet Taste of Crumbs Bakeshop

For New Yorkers in search of top-notch treats– or for bakers looking to take their baking game to a new level – Crumbs Bakeshop is the go-to destination. Since 2003, this NYC-based company has been the embassy of delicious and delightful baking classics. From their jumbo cupcakes to their signature cookie jars, Crumbs Bakeshop is renowned for their unique products made from scratch with no trans fats or nuts. And with the ability to ship their products across all states in the US and to be found in popular supermarket chains, it’s no wonder why Crumbs is a major crowd-pleaser.

Crumbs has brought popularity to the cookie jar, offering beloved classics like oatmeal raisin and psychedelic sugar, as well as unique flavors like chocolate cherry and cotton candy. The cookie jar cookie dough is made without preservatives so it can stay fresh from the jar for up to 21 days. The proprietary dough recipes allow for awesome customization and seasonal themes, bringing both quality ingredients and a special touch to any cookie jar.

But these cookie jars don’t just make a great extension to your own baking skills, they make amazing gifts. Gift your friends, family, coworkers, teachers and kids with festive, customized cookie jars for birthdays and holidays. The jars come in an array of sizes and colors to match any occasion. You can even get your company branding added to the jar to make an impressive promo item for events, conferences and other engagements. It’s a unique way to put your imagination, creativity and branding into a tasty jar of cookies.

And while picking up a jar of freshly baked goods is sure to make any event a success, Crumbs has also made quite the name for themselves for cupcakes. With more than 75 unique flavors, this bakery delights in taste and presentation. Their classic cupcakes come in different sizes, including mini and jumbo, and never fail to fill a room with lingering aroma and irresistible temptation. Plus, their flavors include mixes of the excellent ingredient combinations like devil’s food, red velvet, and cotton candy. But that’s not all! Crumbs also offers special occasion cupcakes, like birthday cakes, as well as cupcake cakes for any gala.

It’s no wonder Crumbs has built quite the following. From their nut-free products, to their OU certified items (sold in supermarkets across the US), to their same-day shipping available in most New York neighborhoods, Crumbs has earned a place in the hearts of millions. Pick up some cookie jars and/or cupcakes the next time you’re in NYC and see why Crumbs is a go-to destination for the sweetest treats.


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