Crumbs Bakeshop: Baked Fresh for the Sweetest Treats near Manhasset

Residents of Manhasset, New York, are in luck. The one and only Crumbs Bakeshop is just a short drive away, getting gourmet cupcakes and cookies delivered from NYC right to your doorstep.

Since 2003, Original Crumbs has made a name for itself with fresh, delicious cookies and cupcakes. The bakery's treats are distributed up and down the east coast, including the greatest city on earth, New York. So don't worry, fellow Manhattanites - you can get a taste of Crumbs in Manhasset too!

For those of us with a sweet tooth, a visit to a Crumbs location can appear as a dream come true. With over 75 distinct flavors of cupcakes and cookies, there is something for everyone. From the Oatmeal Raisin cookie jar to the classic Chocolate Birthday Cupcake, enjoying award-winning gourmet desserts has never been easier.

If you live in a 100 mile radius from New York City, there's even more good news. Same-day shipping is available for customers, so you can get your orders in no time. Every Crumb is nut-free and made without trans fats, plus there's an extensive kosher list of kitchen-approved treats as well.

The party-sized cupcakes known as 'jumbos' are Crumbs' specialty and are made completely from scratch. This means that each bakery treat is full of fresh ingredients and flavors, packing an amazing punch with every bite.

The jumbo cupcakes feature a selection of classic flavors, such as the Chocolate Candy (made with real semi-sweet chocolate chips), the Red Velvet (complete with a cream cheese frosting) and the Vanilla Coconut (topped in a paradise-blue sprinkle).

Crumbs treats the whole family too. Children have classic favorites like the 2-layer Chocolate Birthday Cake cupcake and the wild and colorful Cooks & Cream cookie jar. Or how about the classic Sprinkle Sundae jar, made with an old-fashioned recipe of chocolate chip goodness?

But wait, there's more! If you're looking for a more adult dessert, check out some of the decadent cupcake flavors. These include the Chocolate Raspberry (with a brandy raspberry jam center) and the Strawberry Crumb - a classic combination of tart, fresh strawberry and crunchy topping.

Another unique feature of Crumbs Bakeshop is that every dessert comes in a cookie jar, for easy storage. This means you can enjoy the ultimate in freshness with each bite - up to 21 days after baking!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to freshness - and when you enjoy a Crumbs cookie or cupcake, you know you're getting the best of the best. All of our treats are baked fresh from only the finest ingredients, meaning you won't find anything sweeter. So what are you waiting for? Get your gourmet treats from Crumbs Bakeshop and enjoy a taste of pure deliciousness!


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