Crumbs Bakeshop – Enjoy an Array of Delicious Cupcakes in East Hampton

It’s no surprise that Crumbs Bakeshop is synonymous with enjoying good food in East Hampton. Since 2003, this NYC-based company has been delivering luscious treats online around the US, including its signature soft and delectable cupcakes. The types of products they offer differ greatly, and you’ll find an impressive selection of items that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Crumbs Bakeshop provides an extensive range of cookies, from classic peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies to festive holiday classics, like eggnog sugar cookies. The shop also offers more than 75 varieties of cupcakes, from the ever popular red velvet cupcake to the classic favorite, cotton candy! The mini pack features 10 scrumptious cupcakes in either one flavor or a combination of any of their scrumptious flavors. The party pack consists of 24-cupcakes in one flavor or any combination of any of their delicious cupcakes flavors.

What makes Crumbs Bakeshop so special is its commitment to quality. All treats are made with love from scratch using only the finest ingredients. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used in any of the products, and the shop is proud to ensure that everything it offers is nut-free. In addition, all items sold at major supermarket chains such as Gristedes and Westside Market NYC are certified OU-kosher, meaning those with special dietary needs can safely enjoy their cupcakes and cookies.

In addition to having specialty cupcakes shipped, Crumbs Bakeshop offers same day shipping nationwide for orders placed within a convenient 100 mile radius of New York City. Delivery is free and your items will arrive fresh, hot, and ready to eat. That means you can get your cupcake fix right from the comfort of your home, or bring a few treats to your next office meeting.

If you’re looking for a delectable treat that you can enjoy while on the go, you can’t go wrong with the signature cupcake jars from Crumbs Bakeshop. These little jars come in a range of delicious flavors, including Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Cherry. Each jar contains two freshly-baked cupcakes, and they are guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 21 days.

At Crumbs Bakeshop, we believe there is always a reason to celebrate. We give our customers the perfect excuse to indulge and revel in the delight of cupcakes and cookies. Our commitment to providing delicious and premium quality treats is what sets us apart from other bakeries in the East Hampton area. So, whether you’re planning a birthday party or just want to treat yourself, why not start your journey with Crumbs Bakeshop?




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