Crumbs Bakeshop: from Cookies and Cupcakes to a Subtle Art

New Jersey area, rejoice! Crumbs Bakeshop provides the freshest, homemade cookies and cupcakes your taste buds have been craving. Based in New York City, Crumbs Bakeshop offers delectable treats ideal for any special occasion or just a regular day.

Originally started in 2003, Original Crumbs has been delivering scrumptious cookies and cupcakes to residences, supermarkets, and special events across the US (we even ship to all 50 states!). With over 75 flavors of cookies and cupcakes from classic favorites to flavors like Cotton Candy and Vanilla Coconut, you will never get bored with Original Crumbs. If you are located it within a 100 mile radius of New York City, our same day shipping will keep your sugar rush alive!

But perhaps not many know the industry and craft behind the delightful flavors. From our original family recipes, every treat is free from trans fats, preservatives, and lets not forget they are nut-free. Plus, our items sold from supermarkets are certified Kosher giving them that extra level of deliciousness. All of our goods stay fresh for 21 days and for the quantity-friendly, we offer Party Packs, mini and classic sizes.

Despite not having physical locations outside of NYC, we are still the hottest bakery item across the country. Not to mention that with our specially-selected ingredients, every treat tastes like it was newly-baked fresh from the oven. Our famous jumbo cupcakes are made from scratch, using only the finest ingredients for the most flavor and taste. We even offer a plethora of vegan and gluten-free cupcakes and cookies ensuring no one has to miss out on the fun!

Although there have been several imitators of the quasi-geometric swirls of frosting atop a large mound of cake mix, the flavor and quality of Crumbs Bakeshop cannot be matched. With every bite bringing out hints of rich cocoa, vanilla, lemon or any other flavor, every treat is like discovering a secret hiding within the pastry. Adding beautifully-handcrafted edible decorations, Crumbs Bakeshop experience is complete bliss.

Whether it's for a birthday party, special family get-together, or to indulge in a piece of paradise, you can always count of Crumbs Bakeshop. With delicious recipes that will create delightful memories any dessert experience, Crumbs Bakeshop stands out as a subtle art.


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