CRUMBS – Sweetest Delights in Glen Head, New York

There is nothing quite like the sweet satisfaction of a delicious cupcake or the delightful crunch of a freshly baked cookie. If you find yourself surrounded by a sea of sugary treats, then you owe an enormous thank-you to Original Crumbs for bringing best in class baking to the wonderful coastal town of Glen Head, New York.

Crumbs’ classic style of baking has been the timeless key to churning out the best in cupcakes, cookies, and other traditional pastries since 2003. Founded in New York City, Crumbs Bakeshop has gained a reputation as one of the most beloved bakers in the US, with their decadent treats being a treat found in major supermarket chains and thousands of businesses.

What makes Crumbs stand out from other bakers in Glen Head, New York is their dedication to crafting treats that are not only delicious but are also made with the best in ingredients. As cookie-jars and cupcakes make up most of the delights that are on offer at Original Crumbs, the team is passionate about utilizing nut-free ingredients, all without using any trans fats. On top of that, a majority of the recipes have been certified kosher by the OU.

What better way to showcase Crumbs’ quality baking than their monster-sized cookie jars? With over 75 different flavors, Original Crumbs’ cookie-jars provide a great variety of treats with classic flavors like Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Candy, Psychedelic Sugar, Sprinkle Sundae, Chocolate Cherry, Red Velvet and Cotton Candy. There is also an accompanying same-day shipping service available for customers in a 100-mile radius of New York City.

Crumbs’ cupcakes selection is equally as impressive, with flavors for all occasions and tastes, from a light and airy Birthday Cake to the depths of the chocolaty Chocolate Raspberry, as well as a Cookies and Cream-filled goodness to share with friends. Also available in party packs, mini and classic, each cupcake is hand-baked with love, using only the freshest ingredients to deliver a ‘homemade’ flavor.

So the next time you’re in Glen Head, New York, do not pass up the opportunity to head over to Original Crumbs and experience the glorious array of cookies and cupcakes in all their sweet, sugary goodness!