Cupcake Stores near Me: Sweet Decadence in Greenwich CT

When it comes to the sweetest treats ever crafted, cupcakes are at the top of the heap. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, engagement, or even just some “me” time, Greenwich CT has the cupcakes you need. In this article, we’ll explore the cupcake stores near me that will leave your mouth watering for their delectable treats.

The first place we’ll visit is Original Crumbs. This US-based bakeshop has been creating some of the most tasty cupcakes and cookies since 2003. Their specialties like cookie jars, cupcakes, and chocolaty treats can be found online, shipped to any state in the U.S., and even at major supermarket chains including ShopRite, Kings, and Fairway. Whatever your tastes may be, Original Crumbs has something for everyone with more than 75 flavors available, including Oatmeal Raisin and Cotton Candy cookies and Birthday Cake and Red Velvet cupcakes. And, of course, all of their creations are nut-free and trans-fat free, with a number of them certified as Kosher by OU. Plus, they ship products fast - you can get your fix the very same day if you’re within a 100 mile radius of NYC.

Another delicious destination near you is Crumbs & Whiskers. This Greenwich gem specializes in giant-sized cupcakes crafted from the finest ingredients. Their homemade recipes ensure you get more cake and more frosting, plus plenty of flavor. Their selection includes tantalizing flavors like Vanilla Coconut, Strawberry Crumb, and Chocolate Raspberry. Whether you’re looking for individual cupcakes or, say, a dozen-and-a-half for a party, Crumbs & Whiskers has you covered. They even have options for special occasions like weddings, baby showers, and office birthdays. If there’s something special you’d like whipped up, just ask and their master bakers are sure to do it justice.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Sprinkle Cupcakes. This stunning shop offers some of the most innovative cupcake creations you’ll ever find. From Frosty the Snowman-themed Christmas cupcakes to Birthday Cake cupcakes topped with festive balloons, Sprinkle Cupcakes knows how to celebrate special occasions. If you’re really into a creative confection, they can even craft cupcakes with messages written in edible ink on a custom plaque. Whether you’re throwing a bash to remember or just craving a burst of flavor, Sprinkle Cupcakes can satisfy your sweet-tooth craving.

Overall, Greenwich CT has plenty of cupcake stores near me that can cover any event you find yourself in – big or small. From Original Crumbs’ delicious treats that can be shipped anywhere to Sprinkle Cupcakes’ unique creations, you’ll be able to find the perfect and scrumptious cupcakes to make your event memorable.



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