Delicious cupcakes & cookies fine indulgence

Are you a fan of indulging in delicious cupcakes, fresh cookies and other delightful treats? Well if so, then you really must check out Crumbs Bakeshop! Originally founded in 2003 in New York City, they have grown to become a sensation across the US. House of Crumbs currently ships throughout the country, with same day shipping to customers within a 100 mile radius of New York City, and they can be found in major supermarkets chains across the US, such as ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes and more.

Crumbs Bakeshop offers a variety of decadent cookies, cookie-jars and cupcakes with more than 75 flavors to choose from. With flavors ranging from Oatmeal Raisin, Cotton Candy, Red Velvet and Psychedelic Sugar cookie-jars, to Birthday cake, Chocolate Raspberry and Classic cupcakes they are sure to have something sure to tantalize your taste buds. The treats are all nut-free and contain no trans-fats, and to make it even better, they have an extensive list of kosher items available; with the Crumbs products sold in supermarkets being certified by the OU, you can rest assured that each heavenly bite has been prepared in the most wholesome way possible.

Much like a fine wine, time can add an extra layer of deliciousness and freshness to one’s favorite treats. All of the treats from House of Crumbs are freshly baked and will stay fresh for 21 days in their secure packaging. And because they are freshly made, they are sure to be unlike any store-bought cupcake you have ever tasted before. By using only the best ingredients, House of Crumbs is able to create the perfect concoctions of flaky, tender, moist pastries, sure to delight your senses with every bite.

The best thing about House of Crumbs though is that they don’t have physical locations outside of the New York City area, so you can enjoy their delicious treats without having to worry about the costs and energy associated with a visit. All of their products can be ordered online and enjoy within the comfort of your own home, so you can treat yourself and your loved ones without ever leaving your door. And what’s more, you can indulge in House of Crumbs delicious and decadent treats while knowing that the price you paid was fair.

Also, to emphasize the homemade quality and freshness of their treats, House of Crumbs takes particular pride in their jumbo cupcakes. They make all of their jumbo cupcakes from scratch with only the finest ingredients, so you get more cake, more frosting and packed with flavor. And because each cupcake is made with a homemade recipe, they are sure to be as sweet and moist as if they just came straight from your mom’s oven.

If you are looking for a stunning treat for your next special occasion, or simply want to indulge in a delicious treat, then look no further! Stop by House of Crumbs online to browse through their extensive list of flavorful treats and find something to tantalize your taste buds with. You’ll be sure to find something that’s just perfect for you!




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