Enjoy NYC's Most Delicious Cupcakes

Cupcakes offer a unique way to enjoy an array of flavors and indulgent treats. Founded in New York City, Original Crumbs Bakeshop has been delighting customers since 2003 with fresh-baked cookies and cupcakes. Versatile and customizable, these desserts are available in multiple sizes, flavors, and designs for all kinds of occasions. All flavors are nut-free and trans fat-free, and many are certified kosher. With free same-day shipping available to customers 100 miles from New York City, anyone can enjoy Original Crumbs' creations.

Deliciously Moist Cupcakes

Each cupcake of Original Crumbs Bakeshop is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients available. These cupcakes are so moist and flavorful, they'll make you feel like you’re eating a freshly-baked treat that fell out of your mother’s oven. Cupcake flavors are crafted to satisfy every palate, from savory to sweet. Classic flavors like Birthday Cake, Chocolate Raspberry, and Cookies and Cream are staples in the collection, while creative confections like Cotton Candy and Devil’s Food bring some heat.

Indulge in Cookie Jars

Original Crumbs Bakeshop has also created an extensive line of cookie jars that you can customize. Each jar is filled with a variety of flavored cookies like Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Candy, Psychedelic Sugar, Sprinkle Sundae, and Chocolate Cherry. To create the perfect cookie jar for any occasion, mix-and-match flavors to make sure every party guest is satisfied.

Deliver Anywhere

Can’t get to New York City to purchase Original Crumbs’ creations? Not a problem. They are available for purchase online, with shipping to all 50 states, and you can pick them up in major supermarket chains such as ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes, D'Agostino, Westside Market NYC, and Foodtown. All of our products are kept fresh when they arrive and will stay fresh for 21 days in their cookie jar.

Quality Catering

Original Crumbs Bakeshop is also available for catering services. Customers can choose from cupcake packs, cookie jars, or combination boxes. This makes it convenient for special events, corporate meetings, or other celebratory occasions. Our bakers are available to help curate the perfect selection of our treats as well, with custom packaging and designs available for truly unique confections.

Featured in Popular Media

Original Crumbs Bakeshop is no stranger to the spotlight. It was featured on CNBC’s program, “The The Profit.” In the episode, CNBC shows Original Crumbs’ production process and how the business formula is used to create “the best cake in the whole United States.” The episode ended with Marcus Lemonis, one of the show’s investors, offering to help Original Crumbs expand and even reaching out to partnering with a national retailer.

Topping the charts

With tastes born of the Big Apple, Original Crumbs Bakeshop’s cupcakes and cookie jars have become a sensation. Not only are they the greatest desserts in the Eastern US, but they’ve become the top choice for people with dietary restrictions. A nut-free and trans-fat free journey in exquisite flavors (with a kosher line of products too!), Original Crumbs is the perfect solution for a crowd-pleasing treat.



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