Explore QNS cupcake flavors Vanilla, Strawberry, Red Velvet

Every now and then, it's nice to indulge in a sweet treat as a form of comfort and relaxation. Cupcakes are a great way to do so, allowing you to go for a range of flavors beyond the classics. That's why Original Crumbs Bakeshop has been a go-to spot for sweet tooths in Queens, New York since 2003. We understand that everyone needs a little something to make them feel special. With over 75 different unique flavors, there is bound to be something for everyone.

We understand that finding the perfect cupcake to Entertain with, to package as gifts, or to offer as treats is an art, and we’re here to make it easier. Whether you’re a mother looking for guilt-free treats, or a party-host looking for an amazing dessert table, our jumbo cupcakes make it easy to make a great impression. And the best part? Our cupcakes are nut-free, and do not contain trans fats, with also an extensive kosher list of items available (Our line of CRUMBS products sold in supermarkets are certified by the OU).

We make sure all our cupcakes are made with only the finest ingredients so you get more cake, more frosting, and more flavor. Our products have the signature taste of a homemade recipe, so your cupcakes will taste like they were fresh out of Mom’s oven. Now that you know all about Original Crumbs, let's dive into the most popular cupcake flavors available in Queens, New York.

Cupcake Flavors

Whether you're looking for nostalgic flavors or daring new ones, we have you covered! Here’s a list of the most popular cupcakes available from Original Crumbs Bakeshop in Queens, New York.

Birthday Cake

Who doesn't love birthday cake? Our classic Birthday Cake cupcake is definitely a popular flavor. Featuring our delicious cake, which is made from scratch with a signature home-baked taste, and topped with creamy, fluffy pink buttercream frosting. It's an instant classic!

Chocolate Birthday Cake

We understand that sometimes customers crave something a bit more indulgent than a classic cupcake. Chocolate Birthday Cake is created with one of our flavors signature chocolate cakes and topped with white frosting, pink-dipped sprinkles, and a special birthday candle! No matter the occasion, this one is sure to be a hit!

Chocolate Raspberry

If you are a fan of chocolate and berry flavors, you need to try this one. Our Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes are sure to please. They're moist, chocolatey, and topped with a tangy homemade raspberry buttercream frosting.

Cookie and Cream

This one is a real crowd-pleaser! Our Cookies and Cream cupcakes are made with our signature dessert topping, and topped with crunchy bits of Oreo cookies. The fun, nostalgic flavor is a favorite of kids and adults alike!

Cotton Candy

For a truly unique flavor, try our Cotton Candy cupcakes! We top our fluffy, moist cake batter with our special cotton candy-flavored buttercream frosting. One bite and you will be transported to a carnival!

Red Velvet

One of the most classic cupcake flavors of all time is Red Velvet. Our Red Velvet cupcakes are created with a unique recipe featuring layers of moist cake and cream cheese frosting. Topped off with cream cheese spirals on top and a festive sprinkle of red sugar, you won't be able to resist!


At Original Crumbs Bakeshop, we firmly believe there is a perfect cupcake flavor for everyone. With our extensive list of flavors, you’re bound to find the one that best fits your favorite tastes. We understand that the perfect cupcake means something to your special day, whether as a treat for you, or for your family, friends, and coworkers.

Same day shipping is available for customers within a 100 mile radius of New York City, and we’re proud to offer a range of treats that are nut-free, trans-fat free, and certified kosher. From the tangy berry burst of a Chocolate Raspberry cupcake, to the cheerful color of our signature Red Velvet - you’re sure to find something to brighten your day.