Exploring Baltimore's Best Cake Decorators near Me

If you’re in the Baltimore area and searching for a cake decorator near you, you’re in luck. There’s no shortage of talented cake decorators to choose from for all your celebratory needs. Whether you’re looking for something custom or something classic, there’s a cake decorator for everyone!

At Original Crumbs, we’ve been delivering fresh, delicious cookies and cupcakes since 2003. We offer a wide range of flavors and sizes, from our jumbo cupcakes with homemade baking recipes, to our ever-popular cookie-jars. From Oatmeal Raisin, to Chocolate Cherry, to Red Velvet – there’s something for everyone. And with more than 75 flavors to choose from, plus additional nut-free and kosher options, you’re sure to find something everyone in your family can enjoy. Our products are available online to ship anywhere in the US, or in major supermarkets such as ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes, D'Agostino, Westside Market NYC or Foodtown.

If you’re looking for something more unique and tailored to your theme, there are a number of businesses that offer custom cakes in Baltimore to fit your needs.

Lori's Cakes is known for their custom creations – each one is carefully handcrafted to reflect the theme or individual they are created for. Whether it’s for a wedding, christening, graduation, or "Just Because" - Lori’s Cakes can design a gorgeous cake to match the special occasion. This family-owned business specializes in creating cakes that are specifically tailored to their clients, and uses only the finest quality, most fresh ingredients.

Anne Arundel Cakes is another family-owned shop that prides itself on creating custom works of art. All cakes are made to order in small batches, and each is custom designed based on the clients’ individual requests. What sets Anne Arundel apart is their specialized design team, who work closely with each client to create a truly unique design. Whether you’re hoping for something classic, or something more modern, their experienced team can guide you through finding the perfect cake for your occasion.

The Cupcake Boutique specializes in making cupcakes for all events. This gourmet shop offers a rotating selection of flavors, as well as some of the most unique and eye-catching decorations. The bakery takes a more modern approach to decorating their creations. Bold colors, unique shapes, and eye-catching designs dominate the custom cupcakes at The Cupcake Boutique.

If you’re in the Baltimore area and need a cake for a special event, there’s an option for everyone. From classic designs to unique, custom creations, Baltimore’s best cake decorators have it all. With so many options, all you have to do is find one that best suits your needs.


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