Find cookies, cupcakes at Crumbs Bakeshop

From sugary confections to delectable desserts, Crumbs Bakeshop specializes in offering delicious treats for every craving of the sweet epicure. Established in 2003 and a sensation all across the United States with their line of products now available in major supermarkets and online, Crumbs is the perfect destination for a modern Jewish baker. Certified by the Orthodox Union, all of their products are nut-free, trans-fat free and offer an extensive line of kosher items.

Crumbs Bakeshop - A Favorite of Jewish Bakers

Whether you’re near Boone, North Carolina or across the US, get ready to indulge in all the goodies from Crumbs Bakeshop. Their extensive selection of yummy cookie jars and cupcakes are out-of-this-world delicious and have been becoming an increasingly popular snack option for American families. The mouth-watering flavors will not only satisfy your Jewish traditions but also take your taste experience to the next level. From classic cookie jars such as Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Candy, Psychedelic Sugar, Sprinkle Sundae, Chocolate Cherry and Red Velvet, to mini and classic cupcakes including Birthday Cake, Chocolate Birthday Cake, Chocolate Raspberry, Cookies and Cream, Cotton Candy, Devils Food, Red Velvet, Strawberry Crumb and Vanilla Coconut, find just the right combination of sugary delights to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Cookie Jar Versatility

Crumbs Bakeshop cookies boast an extended shelf-life without sacrificing on taste. Featuring a full selection of flavors like Cotton Candy, the moist and gooey texture remains the same for up to 21 days. These snacks are perfect for anyone living a truly kosher lifestyle as all of their CRUMBS products are certified by the OU. No trans fats are used in the cookie jars and all flavors are nut-free. Going the extra mile, Crumbs do not contain high-fructose corn syrup and use only the finest ingredients.

Experience Heavenly Cupcakes

Make your little one feel like a princess with our jumbo cupcakes made from scratch. “We make all of our jumbo cupcakes from scratch, with only the finest ingredients, so you get more cake, more frosting and most importantly the most delightfully sweet flavor!” promises Dana Teal, the founder. For an extra day of sighs and cheers, look no further than Crumbs.You’ll get to experience a bakery-fresh cupcake with a homemade recipe, so sweet and moist, it will look like it came straight out of a mom’s oven.

Get Sweet Treats Delivered to Your Doorstep

If you are ever living within a 100 mile radius of the Big Apple, Crumbs have got you covered with their same-day shipping option. Along with their presence in major supermarkets chains such as ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes, D'Agostino, Westside Market NYC and Foodtown, Crumbs will make your family as jolly as ever with their delicious treats, offered in various sizes.

Finest Quality Treats for Every Occasion

If you’re looking to satisfy your Jewish traditions while having the same time snacking on some delicious treats, check out all of the goodies from Crumbs Bakeshop. With a wide range of flavors to choose from on party packs, mini and classic as well as their yummy cookie jars, Crumbs will become your go-to destination when looking for some sweet tooth delights.


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