Finding the Perfect Desserts with Crumbs Bakeshop

Who doesn’t love indulging in a delicious, freshly baked treat every now and then? Whether it be a yummy cupcake for a special occasion, or an afternoon snack of freshly baked cookies to satisfy a craving, we could all use a little something sweet in our lives.

Crumbs Bakeshop is here to help. For more than 15 years now, the iconic NYC bakery has been delivering scrumptious goodies to customers across the US—and have recently been found in major supermarkets and online delivery sites across America. With over 75 flavors of cookies and cupcakes, there’s something for everyone, and with same-day delivery, you won’t have to wait to get your hands on your favorite snack.

Crumbs Bakeshop’s yummy confections are created through a tried-and-true process. They bake all their cookies and cupcakes from scratch, with only the finest ingredients, so that maximum flavor is obtained in each bite. Their cookies are freshly baked and will stay fresh for up to 21 days. As for the cupcakes, Crumbs has a variety of options in various sizes, such as mini cupcakes, party packs, and their classic jumbo cupcakes. All of their treats are nut-free and trans fat-free, and they also provide an extensive list of kosher-certified items.

When looking for the perfect treat, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Crumbs’ flavor selection. From crowd favorites like oatmeal raisin, chocolate candy and psychedelic sugar cookies, to devil’s food, strawberry crumb and cotton candy cupcakes, Crumbs has all the tastes and indulgences to make your mouth water.

But what if you’re not in or around NYC? Will you still be able to enjoy Crumbs’ delectable desserts? Fortunately, they deliver throughout the entire US, which means you can bring a bit of NYC into your very own home.

If you find yourself in Portland, Maine, and wanting to get your hands on some Crumbs Bakeshop goodies, you’ll be able to find them in supermarkets throughout the area. A few popular chains include ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes, D’Agostino, Westside Market NYC and Foodtown. With these supermarkets stocking up on their selection of treats, you’ll be sure to find your favorite cookies or cupcakes.

For anyone looking to add a bit of sweetness to their lives at home, Crumbs Bakeshop is a must. With 75+ flavors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your tastes and needs. And for those in the Portland, Maine, region, you don’t even have to place an order online to get to these scrumptious treats—just head down to your nearest supermarket to pick up a pack or two.


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