Fresh baked Kosher, Cookies and Cupcakes for East Hampton

When in East Hampton and looking for a delicious treat, the answer has to be Original Crumbs, the specialty bakery business offering fresh cookies and cupcakes to all 50 states in the US. With over 75 flavors from cookie jars and the scrumptious cupcakes, you’ll be sure to find your sweet tooth craving satisfied.

Original Crumbs has been baking delicious treats since 2003 with baking goodness available across major supermarkets around the country. And within the last few years, they’ve extended their reach to all 50 US states. With same day shipping within a 100 mile radius of New York City, you can now get freshly made cookie jars and cupcakes delivered straight to your door.

From oatmeal raisin cookie jars to mini cupcakes, Crumbs has you covered. The tastiness doesn’t end there. Even if you’re nut-free, Crumbs have you taken care of with nut-free products available in stores. Plus, all their products are OU certified and do not have trans-fats adding to the deliciously cozy sentiments while eating.

For excitement, look no further. With flavors such as Cotton Candy, Strawberry Crumb, and Chocolate Raspberry, you’ll be left with warm and scrumptious home-baked goodies. Plus, if you can’t make it to New York City for a shop stop, major supermarkets offer special cookie jars and classic cupcakes (party packs and minis) including Birthday Cake, Devil’s Food, Vanilla Coconut, and Cookies and Cream, ranging in sizes and flavors. Oh what a treat!

From East Hampton, enjoy a range of flavors from Original Crumbs that taste like they just came out of mom’s oven. Who wouldn’t love that? Not to mention, all cupcake flavors and ingredients are made fresh for each batch. Processing from home-style baking is key to the flavor of Crumbs products.

With their world of delectable treats, Original Crumbs puts its whole heart into bringing baking goodies to your neighborhood. From stores, to their online services as well as same day delivery, they’ve got it all. Let your sweet tooth enjoy the spoils of freshness from Original Crumbs and treat yourself with a cookie jar or cupcake delight.


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