Fresh baked treats from Crumbs Bakery, delivered to Seaford

There is nothing like a freshly baked cookie, especially when it comes from Crumbs Bakery. Founded in 2003, New York City’s Crumbs Bakeshop quickly grew to become a sensation across the United States for its decadent treats, such as cookie-jars and cupcakes. Crumbs Bakery has more than 75 flavors available for customers that are now able to purchase in major supermarket chains all around the country, as well as get shipped directly with same-day delivery to those within 100 miles of New York City.

Including a massive selection of flavors, the goodies from Crumbs Bakery all come with the bonus of being nut-free and free from trans-fats, and the bakery even offers an extensive list of kosher-certified items for the religiously-inclined consumer. The team of bakers at Crumbs use only the freshest of ingredients to craft each cookie-jar, cupcake, and snack, and if kept sealed in its jar, the average product from Crumbs Bakery will stay fresh for up to 21 days.

Cookie-jar flavors include Oatmeal-Raisin, Chocolate-Candy, Psychedelic-Sugar, Sprinkle-Sundae, Chocolate-Cherry, Red Velvet, and Cotton-Candy. Cupcakes come in various sizes, such as party packs, minis, and classic, with flavors Birthday-Cake, Chocolate-Raspberry, Cookies-and-Cream, Cotton-Candy, Devil’s-Food, Red-Velvet, Strawberry-Crumb, and Vanilla-Coconut. As Crumbs Bakery does not have physical locations outside of New York City, it is important to know that consumers who wish to try the baked goodies closest to them must purchase through the supermarket chains that carry our products.

Though not visible in alumni halls of epicurean recognition, the actual making and assembly of high-caliber cupcakes in not easy. Despite a proliferation of imitators all creating their own versions of the dessert, the team of bakers at Crumbs knows what to use and how to use it in order to produce what is billed as the “Cupcake perfection you remember.”

At Crumbs Bakery, perfection begins with our homemade recipe that is so sweet and moist it tastes like it came right out of your mom’s oven. Premium ingredients such as pure-butter and premium-cocoa are mixed together with sugar and we use only large-eggs and real-sour-cream to create a mixture that is sure to please. Our cupcakes don’t taste like the prefab commercial-cupcakes of yesteryear. They are made with more cake, more frosting and infinitely more flavor.

We also strive to provide customers with a dizzying selection of flavors. Even if you are one of those who loves something classic or wants to fill up their entire afternoon tea party with cupcakes, you can be sure to find something that won’t disappoint. Not to forget the cookie-jars, snack-packs, and gluten-free goodies that will have even the most health-conscious munching away with glee.

Crumbs Bakery has been providing the finest in snacks and desserts for over fifteen years, so why not stop by their bakery and see what you have been missing? Whether you’re getting cupcakes for a special occasion, or just in the mood for a sweet snack, the team at Crumbs Bakery has your dessert needs covered.