Fresh cookies & cupcakes baked fresh, delivered to Short Hills, NJ

Original Crumbs has been fulfilling dessert cravings for over a decade with its unbeatable selection of fresh cookies and cupcakes. The family-owned and operated bakeshop, based out of New York City, is beloved by locals and visitors alike for its over 75 flavors of handcrafted sweets. But despite its Big Apple origins, Original Crumbs’ delicious confections are easily accessible to people living in Short Hills, New Jersey via delivery or purchase at several nearby supermarkets.

Born in 2003 as a street vendor in Manhattan, Original Crumbs’ success soon outgrew its roots. In short order, the bakery was supplied to major supermarkets in all 50 states, perfected the art of shipping, and established a reputation as a leader in the bakery industry. They bring the same passion – crafted with a combination of quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and amazing flavors – to each of their products made fresh daily.

Original Crumbs’ selection of choice desserts is made with the same commitment to quality and innovation that made them so beloved in New York City. The jumbo cupcakes, for example, are all made from scratch with only the finest ingredients, providing a soft texture and an ever-evolving comb of flavors. No matter the occasion, these treats provide plenty of options to make any event unforgettable. And because Original Crumbs only uses nut-free, zero trans fat ingredients, those with dietary restrictions can still enjoy their deliciousness too.

Those looking for a little something smaller, or after a gift for a friend, might opt for the fantastic range of cookie jars. Available in 12 different flavors – from Oatmeal Raisin to Red Velvet and Chocolate Cherry to Cotton Candy – each generous jar is baked fresh and will stay just that way for 21 days. Best of all, this selection ships nationwide, making gifting easier than ever.

But what really sets Original Crumbs apart, is its dedication to its customers and community. The Crumbs Kosher list, certified by the OU, is testament to the commitment to serving those with religious restrictions, while the same-day pick-up within a 100-mile radius of NYC is a demonstration of the drive to meet customer needs. With this platform of holistic service, along with the timeless flavors, it’s no wonder Original Crumbs treats are often sited as a favorite, even in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Original Crumbs’ amazing selection of cookies and cupcakes, delivered fresh from its New York City bakery, is easily accessible to the people of Short Hills, New Jersey. With more than 75 handcrafted flavors that are all nut-free and made with zero trans fats, these delicious desserts make for a tasty treat any day of the week. But with its dedication to quality, innovation, and fan favorite service, it’s no wonder Original Crumbs stands as an iconic bakery industry leader.