From NYC to Your Kitchen: the Sweet Delectables of Crumbs Bakeshop

The delectable treats of New York's famous Crumbs Bakery have been delighting customers across the United States for more than a decade. For the folk in Shaker Heights, Ohio you don’t need to take a trip east to enjoy the baked goods anymore. Whether it’s a morning pastry fix or sweet afternoon snack, Original Crumbs has you covered with their range of cookies and cupcakes.

At Original Crumbs, they’ve mastered the art of baking with more than 75 flavors available, from classic options like oatmeal raisin to more creative ideas like their psychedelic sugar cookies. Everything is made fresh daily and kept in their signature cookie jars for up to 21 days. Better yet, as Original Crumbs is located in New York City they offer same day shipping to customers up to 100 miles away.

If you’re looking for a truly remarkable experience for your guests, you should definitely consider Original Crumbs’ signature cupcake line. At Original Crumbs we do not have physical locations outside of NYC, however, most major supermarkets (ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes and more) sell our cupcake line. Our jumbo cupcakes are more than just your usual run-of-the-mill cupcake. Baked from scratch and using only the finest ingredients, these cupcakes are packed with more cake, more frosting and more flavor. It’s like you grabbed it right out of your mom’s oven. Customers have the choice from a wide range of flavors including:

Birthday cake

Chocolate Raspberry

Cookies and Cream

Cotton Candy

Devil’s Food

Red Velvet

Strawberry Crumb

Vanilla Coconut

Lest we forget, Original Crumbs also offer an extensive range of kosher-certified cupcakes with the help of the Orthodox Union (OU). Enjoy swoon-worthy sweet treats with the peace of mind that everything is kosher and nut-free – no matter if you’re throwing a large birthday bash or want to impress your in-laws with cupcakes fit for a king.

Lastly, what sets Original Crumbs apart from other bakers? As mentioned before all their products are made with only natural ingredients – no trans fats. This means all customers can reap the benefit of freshly-baked goodies without worrying about excess nutrition. Whether you’re eating a cookie from one of their cookie jars or biting into one of their jumbo cupcakes – you know you get nothing but pure sweetness.

So for those living in Shaker Heights, Ohio and looking for a sweet pick-me-up for one’s daily routine there is only one sensible choice – original Crumbs. With more than 75 flavors to choose from there is something for everyone. From fresh cookies and cupcakes to them all being nut-free and cooked with natural ingredients, Original Crumbs is the be-all-end-all of dessert heaven.




Shaker Heights