Kosher Cookies and Cupcakes Perfect for Every Occasion!

When it comes to the sweetness of life, cookies and cupcakes come to mind. They bring a piece of happiness into every occasion, from birthdays to baby showers, and even just as a snack on-the-go. Crumbs Bakeshop has been delivering fresh cookies and cupcakes, bursting with flavor and free-from trans fats, since 2003. The indulgent treats include cookie-jars and cupcakes with an expansive list of flavors to choose from. And the best part? All of Original Crumbs' items are kosher certified by the OU! With same-day shipping available for customers within a 100 mile radius of New York City, Providence, Rhode Island, can enjoy the full range of delicious goodies, fresh from Crumbs Bakeshop.

If you’re feeling like a batch of cookies, we have a range of cookie-jar treats including classic oatmeal-raisin, chocolate-candy, psychedelic-sugar and sprinkle-sundae. Add a special touch with red-velvet and chocolate-cherry. And if it is a celebration you’re after, our cupcakes are sure to make a statement. From party packs to mini and classic cupcakes, every bite is jam-packed with sweetness and will hold your guests attention. Choose from traditional flavors like birthday cake, chocolate-raspberry, devil's food, cookies and cream and strawberry-crumb to unique flavors like cotton-candy, red-velvet and vanilla-coconut. But that’s not all - each jumbo cupcake is made from scratch with only the finest ingredients, offering more cake, more frosting and maximum flavor. Nothing quite captures the classic baking flavors as Premium Crumb’s cupcakes, reminiscent of those homemade treats from your Mom’s kitchen.

At Crumb Bakeshop, it is only natural that our treats meet the strictest standards of kashrus to ensure that all our products are in accordance with strict dietary laws. Every product in our kosher bake-shop is inspected and certified to meet the guidelines of the Orthodox Union ("OU"). Here at Original Crumbs, the tradition of kashrus is held in the highest regard. We understand that our customers count on us to provide consistent quality and incorporate upmost levels of kashrus when baking our creations.

Since 2003, Crumbs has been dedicated to baking the most delightful treats in the country, while also maintaining the strictest standards of kashrus. Our high quality cakes and cookies, free from preservatives, have been a hit among kosher-watching Providence. Cruising city shelves, markets and online, you’ll find the full range of bakery goodness with a special kosher focus.

To make your celebrations and snacktimes extra special, Original Crumbs provide free expert baking advice for all occasions. Subscribers to our mailing list can rest assured that they’ll always be alerted of new and exciting deals and promotions for mouth watering sweets. So if you’re based in Rhode Island and you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising on kashrus standards, Crumbs Bakeshop is the answer. Enjoy the same delicious bakery treats that have brought smiles to New Yorkers for more than 15 years!


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