Mini Cupcakes: Delicious Treats for the People of Baltimore, Maryland

If you’re looking for a delicious dessert in Baltimore, Maryland, you can’t go wrong with Mini Cupcakes. Ever since their rise to popularity in the early 2000’s, Mini Cupcakes have become a favorite treat of people of all ages. Not only are Mini Cupcakes tasty and delightful, they’re also a perfect size for parties, gatherings, and more. From Original Crumbs, you can now enjoy Mini Cupcakes delivered fresh to your door in no time.

Mini Cupcakes are the perfect treat for a variety of different occasions. Whether you’re looking for bite-sized desserts for a party, a special midnight snack, or even a morning treat, Mini Cupcakes are a classic choice that never gets old. Mini Cupcakes put a unique and new spin on a timeless treat, and they offer enormous potential to have fun and creative designs!

Introducing Original Crumbs

Original Crumbs is a leader when it comes to bringing Mini Cupcakes to Maryland. Since 2003, Original Crumbles has expanded to offering fresh cookies and cupcakes. Not only are they sold through supermarket chains and online, but they also offer same-day shipping to the area. Their delicious products are certified by the OU, and can stay fresh for up to 21 days in their cookie jars.

Original Crumbs’ cookie-jars have a variety of flavors, including: Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Candy, Psychedelic Sugar, Sprinkle Sundae, Chocolate Cherry, Red Velvet, and Cotton Candy. When it comes to cupcakes, they offer party packs, along with both mini and classic cupcake sizes with flavors ranging from Birthday Cake and Chocolate Raspberry to Devils Food and Vanilla Coconut.

Each of their delicious Mini Cupcakes from Original Crumbs is made with only the finest ingredients—allowing customers to get more cake, more frosting, and the fullest flavor. Every Mini Cupcake made from Original Crumbs is baked fresh and is nothing like a store-bought cupcake taste. It’s just like mom’s homemade cupcakes!

Mini Cupcakes by Original Crumbs

From Original Crumbs, you can find an array of delicious Mini Cupcakes that are sure to please everyone at your next get together. With over 75 flavors, you can find the perfect Mini Cupcakes for any occasion.

Birthday Cake: One of the most popular flavors of Mini Cupcakes from Original Crumbs is Birthday Cake. As its name suggests, this flavor is perfect for any birthday celebration! Featuring everything you love about classic birthday cake in a miniature size, this flavor tastes just like a homemade treat from mom!

Chocolate Raspberry: If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, Chocolate Raspberry is the perfect choice. Each bite of this flavor is bursting with semi-sweet raspberry and bold, dark chocolate flavors. If you’re a fan of raspberry, this flavor is definitely for you!

Cookies and Cream: Another one of the favorites at Original Crumbs is Cookies and Cream. This amazing flavor features soft, crunchy, and creamy texture in every Mini Cupcake. It’s like a chocolate chip cookie, but transformed into a Mini Cupcake!

No matter what flavor you choose, you can also customize Mini Cupcakes for any special occasion. From simple designs to elaborate decorations, you can have your Mini Cupcakes personalized with frosting, decorations, and more.

You will find countless delicious flavors and unique combinations from Original Crumbs. Everything is made fresh and always to your satisfaction.

In Conclusion

Original Crumbs offers an exciting range of Mini Cupcakes to the people of Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond. With flavors like Birthday Cake, Chocolate Raspberry, and Cookies and Cream, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Mini Cupcakes for any occasion.

In addition to our delicious flavors, we also give you the opportunity to design your Mini Cupcakes to your liking. No matter what style, flavor, or occasion you’re looking for, Original Crumbs has it—all you have to do is order your Mini Cupcakes!


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