Our Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Will Have New Rochelle Singing Your Praises

The sweet aroma of oatmeal raisin cookies has been tantalizing New Yorkers since 2003 when the beloved Crumbs Bakeshop burst onto the scene. Not content with bringing pleasure to the residents of the Big Apple, Crumbs now offers same day shipping to customers within a 100 mile radius of NYC including those lucky citizens of New Rochelle, NY. With a menu of over 75 flavors of cookie-jars and cupcakes, there is sure to be something to tantalize everyone’s taste buds and turn any occasion into an extra special one.

As with all of the Crumbs products, only nut-free ingredients are used. And you'll be relieved to know that the line of foods carried in supermarkets bear the certified kosher stamp of approval. Even better, none of the items contain any trans fats. Utilizing first-rate ingredients, all the goodies are baked freshly and remain fresh in their cookie jars for up to 21 days.

You can choose from oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate candy cookies, psychedelic sugar cookies, sprinkle sundae cookies, chocolate cherry cookies, and red velvet cookies to name but six. The range of cupcakes is just as impressive and includes such treats as birthday cake, chocolate raspberry, cookies and cream, cotton candy, devil's food, red velvet, strawberry crumb and coconut. All the cupcakes are made from scratch with only the finest ingredients, ensuring that you get more cake, more frosting and plenty of flavor.

The homemade recipes used to great effect at Crumbs could nearly have been taken from your mother’s oven they taste that good. And Crumbs treats can turn any moment into a special occasion. Whether you’re creating an intimate party, a wedding, corporate gathering or anything in between, the Crumbs treats are sure to make an impact - both visually and taste-wise.

No trip to NYC? That’s fine, there are supermarkets around New York and in other states who stock the Crumbs goodies. Whether it’s oatmeal raisin or anything else that takes your fancy, you’re sure to find something scrumptious from Crumbs that will have your mouth wanting more for sure.

So why settle for a mass produced uninspiring cookie when you could treat yourself and your loved ones with a Crumbs cookie-jar or cupcake. If you’re is based in New Rochelle, then going with Crumbs is a no-brainer. Whether you choose oatmeal raisin or something else, those lucky enough to find Crumbs treats are sure to be glad they did.


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