Red Velvet Cookies - the Sweetest Treat in Portland, Maine

For a sweet and divine treat that's desired by many, look no further than Original Crumbs Red Velvet Cookies. Baked fresh and staying soft for up to 21 days, these cookies are beloved by sweet tooths all over Portland, Maine.

A classic cookie flavoured with cocoa and beetroot flour, Red Velvet Cookies are the 'Ultimate Red' and bring the most tantalizing of flavors. Fluffy yet dense, enjoyable yet literally healthy, these cookies will make your taste buds and your body happy.

Original Crumbs, the beloved NYC bakery, has been supplying customers with the finest baked goods since 2003. Whether it be through supermarkets, online, or same day shipping within a 100 mile radius of NYC, Original Crumbs has been and continues to be a renowned favourite. Our flavors offer something for everyone, with more than 75 flavors available, all of which are nut-free and trans fat-free.

One of Original Crumbs' most celebrated items is are Red Velvet Cookie jars which contain 10 perfect treats. Each jar contains fluffy cookies that have rich chocolatey flavours and spices. Enhanced with an array of nut, seed, and dried fruit ingredients, these jars are loaded with nutritious goodness. For those inclining toward a vegan lifestyle, rest easy knowing that these treats are cooked using only the finest, naturally-derived ingredients.

Not only does Original Crumbs offer delicious cookie jars, but it also offers scrumptious cupcakes. With a plethora of decadent flavors, from Birthday Cake and Chocolate Raspberry to Cotton Candy and Red Velvet, you'll be sure to find something that hits the spot. What's more, all of Original Crumbs' cupcakes are homemade with the finest ingredients, making jumbo cupcakes bigger and tastier.

For an extra sweet touch, why not add a customised cake or cupcake to the order? This extra service adds a personal touch to any party or gathering, whether it's for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, graduations, children's birthdays or any special occasion. Original Crumbs also ships customised orders, so all of your guests can enjoy the delicious treats.

Look no further than Original Crumbs for a sweet treat like no other. With Red Velvet cookies and jumbo cupcakes amongst more than 75 flavors, it's no wonder the bakery continues to satisfy the hunger of sweet tooths everywhere in Portland, Maine and beyond.


Red Velvet Cookies,


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