Tantalizing Sprinkle Cookies & Cupcakes from Crumbs

For residents of Stamford, Connecticut, the temptation of flavorful treat is just as satisfying when the product comes from across state lines. From New York City, Crumbs Bakeshop delivers the same delectable treats to Connecticut residents that have earned a legion of loyal customers nationwide. Shipping to all fifty states, many of their flavor classics have made quite an impression since they opened their first shop in 2003. With a variety of products available, their sprinkle cookies and cupcakes are sure to make any party memorable.

A Fresh Take on Sprinkle Cookies & Cupcakes

Crumbs Bakeshop's collection of sprinkle cookies and cupcakes are exquisitely crafted for freshness and flavor. Their Cookie Jar line of fresh cookies features a number of flavors in utility jars - extending the shelf life of the cookies up to three weeks. Available flavors include Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Candy, Psychedelic Sugar, Sprinkle Sundae, Chocolate Cherry, Red Velvet and Cotton Candy. All Cookie Jar products are nut-free, with trans fat-free recipe, and ingredients for the kosher items are certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).

When it comes to cupcakes, Crumbs BakeShop offers classic sizes, mini-pack and party pack sizes to accommodate the most discriminating desserts. From a wide array of sweet flavors available, including Birthday, Chocolate Birthday, Chocolate Rasberry, Cookies and Cream, Cotton Candy, Devil's Food, Red Velvet, Strawberry Crumb, Vanilla Coconut and more – each cupcake is made from scratch and filled with more frosting, flavor and love. Because of their commitment to excellence in baking, their cupcakes and cookies consistently receive high praises with reviews that seek it out for gifting and special occasions.

Not Just an NYC Institution

Crumbs BakeShop is also available across major supermarket chains such as ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes, D'Agostino, Westside Market NYC and Foodtown. For Stamford residents, same-day shipping within a 100-mile radius of New York City is available with an ample selection of different flavors available on both the cupcake and cookie side. Those seeking out the unique variety of flavors that Crumbs BakeShop offers without having to venture over to New York will be able just to visit their local supermarket to stock their pantry.

More Than Just Cookies and Cupcakes

Crumbs BakeShop has always been committed to being more than just reliable treats. With an expansive selection of gift cards and custom gifts, they ensure that no one miss out on the taste of a sprinkle cookie or cupcake. Customers can conveniently make orders directly online with hassle-free shipping for all occasions, from birthdays to corporate occasions and more. With different gift-sets and party packs available, plus a large selection of gluten-free and vegan gift ideas, they share the deliciousness of their treats without leaving anyone out.

Treats you Can Trust

For over fifteen years, Crumbs BakeShop has provided the quintessential New York dessert products for events, gifts or personal indulgence. They stand by their commitment to provide their customers with unbeatable freshness and standards of excellence. As a family-owned business, customer satisfaction has always been their priority, offering assignments for professional events, special recommendations and a customer service team to meet your needs. With a commitment to nothing short of extraordinary, Crumbs BakeShop provides a unique experience with surprises even for the most discerning palate.


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