Taste original crumbs, Jersey City Bakery Outlet

Original Crumbs has been delighting sweets-lovers since 2003. Constantly thought of as the pioneer of crumb cakes and goodies in New York City, we’ve since taken our delicious treats to the rest of the United States. Not only do we proudly sell our products online, giving customers the option to ship to any of the 50 states, but now you can also find Original Crumbs goodies in the shelves of major supermarket chains throughout Jersey City, New Jersey - and you have to try them!

We’ve managed to rise to the top of the bakery industry with no compromise to quality. Our commitment to quality shows in our cookie jars and cupcakes. We offer more than 75 different flavors, all of them nut-free with no trans fats. Furthermore, a variety of our products are also OU (Orthodox Union) kosher certified. What’s more, you can have your sweets same-day shipped to you if you live within 100 miles of New York City.

When it comes to our cookie-jars, you can choose from Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Candy, Psychedelic Sugar, Sprinkle Sundae, Chocolate Cherry, Red Velvet and Cotton Candy. And when it comes to cupcakes, you can always find a treat to match the occasion, no matter the scale of your party. We offer our cupcakes in mini, classic and party packs, and the list of flavors just goes on and on - from classic Birthday Cake to Cotton Candy, and from Cookies and Cream to Red Velvet.

We take pride in our homemade recipes, where we always use the best ingredients to provide you with more cake, more frosting and more flavor - so our cupcakes and cakes are never anything but the sweetest of treats. And while Original Crumbs doesn’t have physical outlet locations outside of New York City, you can still find our goodies in the major supermarkets throughout Jersey City.

Whether you’re looking for a cookie-jar to leave around the house or some cupcakes to brighten up a special occasion, Original Crumbs is here to provide it. Our products are sure to bring a smile to anybody’s face with every bite, so why not visit a Jersey City supermarket today and try some of these delicious sweets?


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