The Delicious Treat of Red Velvet Cookies

Americans adore baked goods, from chocolate chip cookies and croissants to doughnuts and éclairs. But one treat, in particular, stands out among the crowd: Red Velvet cookies. This special cookie can be found all over the United States, but Crumb's Bakeshop in New York City is the original source. Some may find it hard to believe that such a creamy, chocolaty, and sweet cookie can be even be made with only five ingredients, but that only adds to its allure. No matter where you are, these delicious Red Velvet cookies will have you longing for that perfect 'CRUMB' flavor.

Origin of the Red Velvet Cookie

Crumbs Bakeshop first opened in 2003 in New York City and quickly became a sensation across the United States. It offers a variety of decadent treats ranging from cookie jars to cupcakes. Imagine over 75 flavors to choose from! Unlike many bakeries, all Crumbs products are free of nuts and trans fats, and a range of items are also certified kosher by the OU. Without a doubt, the mixes used to make the Red Velvet cookies are of the highest quality. Every cookie jar is baked fresh, with all of their signature flavors including the beloved Red Velvet. As a bonus, Crumbs offers same-day shipping to customers within a 100 miles radius of New York City.

What Goes Into the Red Velvet?

These five-ingredient-cookies are unbelievably moist and creamy, providing a velvety texture in every bite. The Red Velvet cookie consists of enriched wheat flour, vegetable oil, premium cocoa, natural vanilla, and signature confectioner's crumb. The sugar cookie portion helps to create a soft yet crunchy contrast, with a bit of tartness in the mix. The flavor is delicate and enhanced with a hint of cocoa and an undertone of natural vanilla – this mix cannot be found anywhere else.

How to Enjoy

A key component in finding pleasure in Red Velvet cookies is how it will be enjoyed. For those in favor of a classic experience, savoring each bite with a milky cup of tea or coffee will never fail. The subtle hints of delicate chocolate along with the tea or coffee's bold flavors create an exquisite sensation that's hard to rival.

For the daring, one can take a more creative approach and use the Red Velvet cookie as an ingredient for different desserts. A bowl of freshly made ice cream with a sprinkle of cookie crumbs takes the wondrous concoction to another level. More ambitious cooks may even choose to use chunks of the cookie itself to create an irresistibly rich cake or bread pudding.

As some may attest, Red Velvet happens to be universal – it never fails to impress even the pickiest of eaters. Whether they're adventurous with desserts or content with a simple plate of cookies, one can guarantee that a Red Velvet fix will satisfy everyone's cravings.

At Crumbs, you can enjoy Red Velvet cookies from wherever you are regardless of what city you live in. Their treats come pre-sliced and packaged in delightful air-tight containers. Enjoy them all for yourself, or share with friends and family – there's an unlimited amount of possibilities for baking and gifting.

A Universe of Possibilities with Red Velvet Cookies

Crumbs Bakeshop's line of Red Velvet cookies allows for many opportunities to explore flavors and textures. It's an optimal choice for any occasion and parties of all sizes, whether it's for a birthday or simply an evening with friends. One bite into these red velvet treats and savoring each delight; not many ever forget those unforgettable tastes of sweet amazing bliss.


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