Treat yourself to fresh cookies from Crumbs Bakery, NYC

Nothing tastes better than a fresh-baked cookie and, in Glen Head, New York, no one does it better than Crumbs Bakery. Whether you’re looking for a cupcake to satiate the sweet tooth of a birthday guest or a cookie jar full of delicious treats to serve at your next gathering, Crumbs has you covered.

For nearly two decades, Crumbs Bakery has been the go-to source for New Yorkers looking for sweet delectables. Founded in 2003, the bakery has given locals, tourists, and the rest of the US a taste of what’s made NYC famous. From our super popular cookie jars to our a variety of cupcake sizes, our products are packed with flavor for anyone who needs a delicious snack.

You’ll not only enjoy Crumbs Bakery’s gourmet cookies and cupcakes, but you’ll also benefit from our commitment to safe ingredients. We guarantee our products are free of nuts, trans fats, and other allergens. Plus, our line of products offered in supermarkets are even certified as kosher by the OU.

At the heart of Crumbs Bakery’s deliciousness are our oatmeal raisin cookies. These bite-size treats are packed with honey-like goodness that comes from golden raisins swirled throughout a sweet, oatmeal-based dough. Whether you keep them all to yourself or share with your family and friends, these cookies make for a perfect delectable snack. Plus, when you purchase them from Crumbs Bakery, you can be sure they are baked fresh and will stay fresh for up to 21 days in our signature cookie jars.

Our menu of cupcakes is just as potent as our cookie jars. Each of our cupcakes is made-from-scratch with only the freshest and finest ingredients, guaranteeing you’ll enjoy cake and frosting with maximum flavor. Our classic size cupcakes come in 12 different flavors, with jumbo-sized options and “mini” cupcakes also available. Our variety of cake and frosting combinations range from classics like birthday and red velvet to favorites like strawberry crumb and devil’s food. And don’t forget about our unique flavours like cookies and cream and cotton candy.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for your favorite birthday girl or boy, you’ll want to check out our party packs. We offer party packs in several of our classic and jumbo sizes, as well as our mini cupcakes. Choose a dozen of your favorite cupcake flavors, or opt for an assorted pack for a little bit of everything.

While we don’t have physical locations outside of NYC, you can still order Crumbs’ treats online—we ship to all 50 states in the US! And, if you’re in the immediate New York City area, you can have your favorites shipped same day to you.

Treat yourself to the deliciousness of Crumbs Bakery. From cookies to cupcakes, you’ll find something to tantalize everyone in your family or group of friends. Place your order today and enjoy the sweet pleasures of a gourmet bakery that’s been serving NYC for nearly two decades!


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