Treat Yourself with Fresh, Tasty Personalized Cakes near Me

If you’re looking for freshly made customized cakes to indulge in near Moreland Hills, Ohio, look no further than Original Crumbs! Since 2003, Original Crumbs has been providing delicious cookies and cupcakes to customers all over the U.S., in stores such as ShopRite, Kings, Fairway, Gristedes, D'Agostino, Westside Market NYC and Foodtown. With more than 75 flavors available, you are sure to find some sweet treats that strike your fancy. Whether through same-day shipping if you’re within a 100-mile radius of New York City, or through ordering in the supermarket, you can get treats that are nut-free, devoid of trans fats, and certified OU kosher. Start your day off with a piece of one of our delicious oatmeal raisin, chocolate candy, psychedelic sugar, or sprinkle-sundae cookies. Or better yet, the iconic Original Crumbs cupcakes —jumbo and mini sizes—in flavors like birthday cake, red velvet, cookies and cream, and much more.

Cookies, those crispy or chewy treats that never seem to go out of style, have been around for many centuries. Cookies are known to be one of the earliest forms of baked goods. It is believed that cookies originate from 7th-century Persia, which is now known as Iran. Early cookies were savory foods that were made with very basic ingredients to provide sustenance on the go. They were very different from the ones found in most bakeries in the present.

Cupcakes are a staple of birthday parties, afternoon snack times and social gatherings. Although cupcakes have recently seen a surge in popularity, they’ve actually been around for centuries. The first cupcakes were actually muffin-shaped cakes were made from ground nuts or corns, instead of from flour. It was not until 1796 that a recipe for a modern cupcake was published by Amelia Simons in an English-language cookbook. Over the centuries, ingredients have changed and been added to cupcake recipes, and the sizes of cupcakes have changed from one-bite mini cupcakes to giant gourmet cupcakes.

As a woman in the retail industry, you lead a busy life while trying to stay ahead of the curve. When you’re juggling work and social plans, or running errands, you don’t always have time to put together a satisfying snack. With Original Crumbs cakes readily available, you’ll never have to worry about having unsatisfying snacks ever again.

Whether you’re looking for a special-occasion treat or just a tasty break from your work day, Original Crumbs cakes have got you covered! Indulge in our classic jumbo cupcakes, made from scratch with only the finest ingredients—so you get more cake, more frosting, and more flavor! The homemade recipes, as sweet and moist as they are, taste like they came straight out of your own kitchen oven. For a special occasion, why not try one of our personalized cakes? Make your cake look as unique as you want with detailed decorations like flowers, butterflies, or balloons.

Crumbs also offers many options for consumers who want indulgences without the guilt. We have all the classic flavors usually found in traditional cakes, but with a lighter, healthier spin. Choose from options like low-fat vanilla, gluten-free chocolate, sugarless strawberry, eggless mocha, and much more.

Original Crumbs provides tasty sweets for everyone. Make sure to try all of their wonderful flavors, and customize your cake to your heart’s content for that extra special touch. With a treat this delicious and personalized, you’ll be sure to find something you love!


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