Ultimate Guide to the Best Cupcakes near Shaker Heights, Ohio

Do you live near Shaker Heights, Ohio and have a craving for delicious cupcakes and cookies? You’re in for a treat. This guide offers an array of top-notch places in the area to purchase cupcakes from. No matter what diet you’re following, the vendors below have something in store for you. With no further ado, let’s dive in and explore the best cupcakes the Shaker Heights area has to offer.

From cupcakes that show off the baker’s artistry to ones that are deliciously moist, tasteful and sweet to savory cupcakes and unique flavors, you’ll find it all.

Original Crumbs Bakeshop

If you’re looking for something decadent and fresh, look no further than Original Crumbs Bakeshop. Based in New York City, the bakeshop has been in operation since 2003, offering its deliciously different treats to the masses.

Delivered fresh, Original Crumbs offers more than 75 flavors of cupcakes and cookies, most without the use of nuts, and none with trans fats. Certification of the OU (Orthodox Union) guarantees all of their products have been tested and are kosher.

For same-day delivery, customers within a 100-mile radius of New York City can choose from cupcake and cookie flavors like Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate and Candy, Sprinkle Sundae, Red Velvet and Cotton Candy. Plus, their jumbo cupcakes come with a homemade recipe that’s so moist and sweet, it tastes like it just came straight from mom’s oven.

Heidi's Cakes & Desserts

A premier bakery in the Shaker Heights area, Heidi’s Cakes & Desserts combines her love of creative art with baking. Customers in search of tasty treats crafted with special care and attention should visit a Heidi’s location.

When it comes to cupcakes, Heidi’s offers a huge variety of flavors, including everything from strawberry, peanut butter, and Boston cream to carrot, Oreo, and maple bacon. Along with classic cupcakes, their menu features unique cupcake flavors like unicorn, matcha, and tiramisu.

Each treat is hand-crafted and customized, giving customers a unique and individualized product. While Cupcakes aren’t the only items on the menu, they’re certainly the star!

Dottie and Mikey’s

With 8 years in business, Dottie and Mikey’s bakery specializes in a fuego range of cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and more. Not only are their cupcakes a favorite among locals, but they were also featured on a local morning news shows, giving them added acclaim within the Shaker Heights area.

From vegan options to gluten-free desserts, cupcakes come in a range of flavors to ensure everyone can enjoy them. One of their most popular cupcake flavors is the fire cracker, a red velvet cake topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and a red hot candy.

For those who crave something different when it comes to cupcakes, Dottie and Mikey’s offers flavors like pumpkin spice, s’mores, and pina colada. The gourmet cupcakes at Dottie and Mikey’s are sure to please everyone, no matter their tastes.

Sugar Rush Bakery Cafe

Treats nearest to the heart—that’s what Sugar Rush Bakery Cafe is all about. In the business for 16 years, the gathering of family-owned bakery outlets offers a variety of flavors beyond your wildest cupcake dreams. Their signature cupcake is the peanut but­ter simulcrum, which features a chocolate cupcake topped with a peanut butter mousse and a chocolate ganache. Yum!

Although there are limited vegan and gluten-free options available, Sugar Rush serves up quite the argument for indulging your sweet tooth without ever feeling guilty about it. The array of flavors—including cappuccino, coconut, and salted caramel—guarantees a pickup of treats that will satisfy that sweet tooth, no matter what your cravings are.