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Cupcakes have been the go-to way to celebrate small successes or just enjoy a sweet treat since the first cupcake recipe appeared in an 1828 cookbook. If time has flown, then it seems that the transition from special occasion to everyday indulgence has happened even faster. Brooklynites no longer need to wait for a birthday or a special holiday to get their cupcake fix. Cupcake stores near me are plentiful in the borough, making the perfect treats just a few steps away - though a box of mini cupcakes can still make a memorable impression for any occasion.

Cupcake stores near me range from traditional bakeries to organic options to nationwide chains offering signature flavors. No matter what your craving, there's something for everyone! For those not wanting to venture far, many neighborhood stores offer up creative cupcake creations and classic takes on the treat. In this guide, we'll explore some of Brooklyn's best cupcake stores and discuss the unique cupcakes they offer.

Original Crumbs: Cookies and Cupcakes in Brooklyn Since 2003

Few cupcake stores near me are as beloved as Original Crumbs. Droves of beloved bakers have crowded the counters of this popular Brooklyn shop since it opened its doors in 2003. What began as an online business for shipping gourmet cookies has since grown to more than 75 flavors of cookies and cupcakes available in shop or online. Many New Yorkers, Brooklynites included, choose to shop at Original Crumbs for special occasions, and nothing says 'happy birthday' like a cupcake from this beloved store.

Online shoppers from all 50 states can take advantage of Original Crumbs' same-day shipping. Several major chains and markets, such as Kings, Gristedes, Shop Rite, and Westside Market NYC, have also decided to carry Original Crumbs' products, so shoppers near and far can enjoy their delectable treats. Each flavor of cookie-jar and cupcake is nut-free and made without trans-fats, and a selection of kosher certified confections can also be purchased.

Cookie-jar flavor options range from the classic oatmeal raisin and chocolate candy to the unique psychedelic sugar and sprinkle sundae. Cupcake treats come in three sizes; classic, party pack, and mini, covering traditional flavors like birthday, devil's food, and chocolate-raspberry to more unique tastes such as red velvet and cotton candy.

The team at Original Crumbs can also design custom-baked treats for any occasion. From birthdays and graduations to weddings and showers, there's no special event too big or too small to get a one-of-a-kind Original Crumbs creation.

The Brooklyn Cupcake Company: Organic Gourmet Cupcakes Near You

The Brooklyn Cupcake Company offers up an organic experience made with premium ingredients. All of their cupcakes are made fresh and from scratch every day using organic flour, organic butter, pure vanilla, and cage-free eggs. No preservatives, artificial flavors, or synthetic hormones are used, so you can feel good about enjoying a classic cupcake without any synthetic additives.

Whether you're interested in classic flavors like classic yellow cake and rich chocolate cake or more unique flavors like raspberry almond and ginger spice, Brooklyn Cupcake Company has plenty of flavors to choose from. Check out their signature flavor of the month or build your own party pack for an extra special custom treat. Each cupcake is handmade with love and care and counters are brimming with freshly decorated treats for any occasion.

Cupcakeaholic: Gourmet Cupcakes Carriage

Cupcakeaholic offers its unique gourmet cupcake carriage to customers all over Brooklyn. The Cupcakeaholic Carriage travels to different parks, neighborhoods, and special events throughout the borough, making freshly made treats accessible for all.

The Cupcakeaholic Carriage carries a variety of classic and unique flavors to choose from. In addition to traditional cupcakes like red velvet and cookies and cream, guests can also find relatively new cupcake flavors like strawberry punch and blueberry lemonade. Apart from the cupcakes that come in the standard 'jumbo size', customers can indulge in a variety of mini cupcakes or special cupcake sandwiches.

No matter what flavor you're looking for, the Cupcakeaholic Carriage guarantees fresh, hot cupcakes made to perfection. From strolls in the park to weekend picnics to special occasions, Cupcakeaholic offers the perfect treat for any occasion.

Final considerations

Shoppers in Brooklyn have plenty of choice when it comes to cupcake stores near me. Whether you're seeking a freshly baked treat to celebrate a special occasion, or just want to indulge yourself on any ordinary day, cupcake stores in Brooklyn offer a wide variety of flavors that will please any palate. From Original Crumbs to Brooklyn Cupcake Company to Cupcakeaholic Carriage, shoppers can satisfy any sweet tooth in the borough.


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