Red Velvet Cookies and Cupcakes to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

With more than 75 flavors of cookies and cupcakes, Original Crumb’s decadent treats have been a sensation across the US since 2003. From Oatmeal Raisin to Chocolate Cherries, Chocolate Candy, Cotton Candy, and Red Velvet, the professionally crafted cookies and cupcakes are sold online, shipped all over the US, and stocked at major supermarket chains throughout the country among an extensive kosher list of items. If you are looking for some delicious sweet treats based out of Boone, North Carolina, Original Crumb’s Red Velvet cookies and cupcakes could be just the experience you are looking for.

All of Original Crumb’s treats are backed fresh and are free of nuts and trans fats, with a shelf life of twenty-one days once kept in the cookie jars they are packaged in. We also take great pride in making all our jumbo cupcakes from scratch, using only the finest ingredients in order to get more cake, more frosting, and the most flavor. With a homemade recipe so sweet and moist, they taste like they came straight out of your mom’s oven. Our Red Velvet cookies and cupcakes have been a particular favorite throughout the US. The Red Velvet cookies are pleasant surprises accompanied by red chocolate chunks that add sparkle. Our cupcakes are even more delectable, with a beautiful dark red, chocolatey cake topped with velvety cream cheese frosting and at least one red candy decoration garnish, creating cupcake perfection.

Original Crumb’s treats are shipped daily with same-day shipping available for customers within a 100-mile radius of the bakery’s hub in New York City. For everyone else, taking wherever the destination, all orders are packed with extra protection and are shipped frozen on dry ice to preserve freshness. Packages arrive on your doorstep in two to three business days. Rich, moist, and bursting with flavor, no treat can compare to Original Crumb’s Red Velvet treats. If variety is your name of the game, they also offer favorites such as Birthday Cake, Chocolate Birthday Cake, Chocolate Raspberry, Cookies and Cream, Devil’s food, and Strawberry Crumb and Vanilla Coconut among many others.

When it comes to cookies and cupcakes, Original Crumb has your desires covered. Perfect for baking enthusiasts and dessert fans alike, their rich Red Velvet cookies and cupcakes promise to hit the spot. They’re also an excellent addition to cocktails, parties, weddings, birthdays and corporate events. Whether it’s a mid-week sugar fix or a larger special occasion, Original Crumb’s Red Velvet treats make a beautiful centerpiece to a scrumptious event.

Remember, our products are free of nuts and trans fats, with an extensive variety of kosher snacks also available. Plus, if you’re looking for further reassurance that the products you receive are of the highest quality, our line of products sold in supermarkets are certified by the OU. Our treats are guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

So that’s Original Crumb’s Red Velvet cookies and cupcakes. With an extensive list that includes traditional flavors such as Oatmeal Raisin and unique flavors that you may not find anywhere else, Original Crumb is guaranteed to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. With the highest quality ingredients and stellar customer service, make sure to give Original Crumb’s treats a try if you’re within the 100-mile radius of the bakery. You won’t be disappointed.


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